Slow is the new fast

on September 24, 2012

Yesterday I read about the slow movement in ToI, and I was very happy. I was very slow for everything from childhood – eating slowly, taking a long time to bath, making rotis slowly and what not…

And I never understood what the others had problem about it. I was never short of time for anything.

There are lots n lots of advantage being a slowie….

  • some friends had told me that chewing food 36 times was good – at the cost of friends leaving me alone at canteen – which I have realized is actually true
  • recently I had also understood that the decisions or work I do slowly were much better than those which were taken speedily and had to be redone again by others.
  • also I find that the people who work fast, also get tired fast and they need high cooling

So cheers to all Slowies!!!!



Slow Movement:


3 responses to “Slow is the new fast

  1. Radhika says:

    Nicely written:)
    So How much time did u take to write this;)

  2. manseelikes says:

    Hmm….true that! Happy to know that you started writing. Looking forward to more!

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