eco-friendly traditional india

on March 26, 2013

The more I am understanding the environmental problems, the more I am respecting the traditional Indian practices which were eco-friendly.

Everyday, I pass by ponds – beautiful when approaching, but unsightly and stinking, on reaching. The reason – municipal wastes borders the ponds. That’s when it occurred to me that the traditional practice of feeding the leftovers to cows / dogs was indeed a good practice. It doubly benefits from the fact that the role of plastic bags which are used to hold the garbage in modern India is removed. So less garbage and less plastic bags.

There is the case of tooth cleaning too. We use a plastic toothbrush and a chemically formulated toothpaste, for keeping our teeth healthy. Traditionally neem sticks were used, which did the job of both the tooth – brush and paste. And now we are researching for biodegradable plastic (as we need to replace the toothbrush almost every two or three months) and advertising the ayurvedic extracts contained in the toothpaste. Wasn’t the original better?

The list could go on and I would be adding on it later on. There can be many counterarguments which are welcome, one of which is that of convenience and the appeal. But I feel that a broader point of view will lessen the weightage of it.


4 responses to “eco-friendly traditional india

  1. lalorcross says:

    What can we do but a little here and there, grow a neem tree perhaps?

  2. Radhika says:

    I remember both my grandmothers used to chew the neem stick N made us do that too(compulsorily of course), but at least we know about it I don’t think the upcoming generation would have any idea.

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