on human bonding

on April 15, 2013

As a child, I grew up in a cosmopolitan world. Many of them were not localites.

However, when I was in Mumbai, I first noticed that whenever I traveled in the western suburbs and heard someone speak in Gujarati, my heart would be filled with happiness and feel bonded.

Then when I started working in Gujarat, I saw how at the end of meeting, people would discuss from which area of Gujarat (south, central, saurashtra, etc) they were and bonded on it. It was the same if a person was from another state – Odiya, Rajasthani, north/south Indian, etc.

I believe the same situation is in other states.

Many a times, a person from another region says that in my area things are good in so and so ways. But shouldn’t the person consider that he has been accepted by the current region and given him work, food and shelter? It also works the other way round that one shouldn’t discriminate a person from different region and give him equal opportunities.

And, if we go a step further, any Indian in a foreign country would feel bonded seeing another India (be it Gujarati, Maharashtrian, South Indian…).

So. ultimately everyone forgets their geographical differences at some point of time. So shouldn’t we understand that we need to leave as one in this world and forget our differences.

I would also extrapolate it further as us, the humans and the living creatures which are meant to live together on earth, shouldn’t we live as “vasudhaiva kutumbakam“??



One response to “on human bonding

  1. shrenik merchant says:

    Impressed with your short n sweet thinking about human phsycology. You are right. In this world we created boundary. Otherwise it is all ours n the sameway its for others.

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