Review of Shiva Trilogy – environmentalist viewpoint

on May 20, 2013

The Shiva Trilogy is beautifully conceptualized and detailed. This review is from environmental viewpoint . One can relate it to today’s environmental scenario.

The story emphasizes on what is evil and how to remove it from the equation? And what was evil???the chandravanshis, who were diverting the Saraswati river?  the Nagas – the deformed sons and daughters of Suryavanshis? the plagues of branga??

No, the evil was the Somras – a chemical taken by the Suryavanshis to increase their life span. And how? only saraswati water could be used to make the chemical, so with the increasing numbers of suryavanshis (thanks to Somras – adding to the vicious circle of doom), more water was being withdrawn resulting in thinning out of Saraswati. Another effect were the nagas, deformed children born to people consuming the Somras, maybe due to bioaccumulation of some chemicals present in Somras. Then there was the plague of Branga, its occurrence rising in summer. This is cited to be because of the toxic wastes produced during the manufacture of Somras was disposed off in the cold waters of a river in Tibet, not knowing that it formed the Brahmaputra ultimately finding its way to Branga. The toxic waters when consumed caused the plague. Another effect was the rise in impotency in Suryavanshis.

The beauty of the story is that it understands that when Somras was first discovered it was considered a boon, but over a long period of time the same boon became bane for the whole earth. The effect are also shown to be global.

And the solutions described are also very apt – experiments to replace the saraswati waters / or reduce the quantity required and developing an altogether new way of manufacturing somras.

The story covers all the aspects of manufacturing a chemical – raw material procurement, manufacturing and the resultant wastes and finally the long-term effect of chemical and its waste on humans. Shouldn’t we learn from our past, for what is history for?


One response to “Review of Shiva Trilogy – environmentalist viewpoint

  1. Radhika says:

    just read now. Very intelligently linked 2 things. 🙂

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