Do unto others as you would wish others unto you???

on October 14, 2013

There was a joke going around on driving attitude in Ahmedabad –

A person is driving a car and……

Scene 1: another car overtakes him – the reaction – what rash driving?

Scene 2: there is a car in front which is going slower – the reaction – he does not know how to drive…

At first I found it amusing. But after sometime, I realized that it also showed a deeper psychology of people.

Whatever the person does is correct – full stop. No other views are allowed. The speed at which the driver was going was the perfect. And it is not limited to the joke. Some parents feel that their children should have been born with all the manners (not reviewing their own childhood), In-laws imagine that their daughter-in-law has been brought up in the same culture and so should blend immediately, bosses believe that their work style is the best…..

Even nature has created diversity. All five fingers are not same and all have different functions. Had nature made clones, there would have been dullness in the world with people behaving the same, agreeing to the same view….

People need to respect and at least listen to other peoples view / behaviour. The adage ” Do unto others as you would wish others unto you” need not be always true. One might like spicy food and some other sweet. The definition of spiciness is also relative!!!

Most of the respected people that I have seen, are so, because of their broad-mindedness and their readiness in listening to the other persons view.

So the next time you comment on a persons taste or actions – THINK!!!


One response to “Do unto others as you would wish others unto you???

  1. Radhika says:

    The driving attitudes in Ahemdabad uff!! But nicely compared with other aspects 🙂

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